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online healthcare solutions

Is there any industry which is not positively affected by the advance of technology in last and this century?  Maybe the least were affected the industries with no revenue advancement, but every other industry can show the reason that their technology is decisive for their growth. Even more is this true for members of 10 highest growing US industries. Let’s see and think about it:

3D Printer Manufacturing
Generic Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
Online Eyeglasses & Contact Lens Sales
Green and Sustainable Building Construction
Solar Panel Manufacturing
Social Network Game Development

All those industries are part of 2012 Time Magazine survey of highest growing US industries. For all of them we can say, that even with little understanding of each industry we can all agree with importance of advance of technology for their very quick growth.

So the next logical question is: How is then modern health institution affected by (online) technology? Actually we can say, that a number of things are driving this transformation with modern technology.

First of all the change of population into an aging population, with a corresponding increase in chronic diseases, is leading to the increasing sophistication and cost of treatments. So the healthcare companies must  manage many more complex, interconnected issues. Current situation requires invasive treatments performed in the hospital or more technical approaches delivered outside the hospital;

In an attempt to improve information flow and knowledge, many healthcare providers have invested in technologies such as online order entry, electronic medical records, and picture archiving and communications systems.

And after all healthcare gets the greatest benefit from the seamless capture and transmission of data. We can name one or two examples: A patient monitoring their own vital signs using a smartphone or a physician on their rounds accessing medical records via a tablet.

So it is clear, that IT systems can help a lot i na modern online connected health institution. They can be employed to digitally model medical, nursing, and administrative processes with the final result of cost cutting and improving care.

Modern health technology can also improve quality of life, as it can offer patients high-definition TV at their hospital beds, it allows them to remotely share vital signs with their doctors in with the final result of enabling them to remain at home in old age. After all by 2030, some 40 percent of people from Western hemisphere will be over 60 years of age. They will want to continue to live independent lives.

So modern online connected health institution can help them to do just that – they can detect a fall, and automatically alert the emergency services. By that they are driving positive change – by developing new ideas and exploring uncharted territory.

And this is not the only example of online connected health institution. Moving forward, the focus will be much more on the individual. In addition, with digital communication tools and remote monitoring technologies, it will be possible to treat patients in their homes. It will be easier to cut costs and improve quality of life.

Additional futuristic example: Secure direct communications with patients and healthcare providers will avoid the duplication of tests and examinations. This too will save time and improve the quality of care.

In the end: Even as we write about futuristic examples, they are not that much in the future. Some of examples are already in broad use and more and more implementations are coming every day. Technology wheel is spinning faster more and more.

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How online finance solutions help a customer

online finance solutions

In 21st century is almost impossible to find a doubter that online finance solutions and products are helping an ordinary person to live more productive life. After all computer gadgets are all around us, as are online solutions and products of any kind. We can hardly imagine that it is possible to live without a smartphone, that it is possible to make a picture with an analog camera or that buying a refrigerator in an electronics store is the best solution on this nice planet called Earth.


Almost all of us already tried buying music online and the majority of us is doing this already exclusively online and why should be something different with online finance? Well, it’s true, that money issues are more complex than buying digital books online, but still, online finance solutions are here, on the market, and people are less and less afraid of using them. Sure there are really a lot of different solutions, from the basic ones like opening an account and then paying bills online to online insurance offers all the way to investment banking services.


The easiest part of online finance solutions seems to be opening an account and paying bills. You don’t neeed to leave your sofa for any type of payment to any merchant domestic or abroad, for your direct debit or standing orders. You can even send a money to your local or national charity this way. A quick add-in  to this is also setting-up  an alert when your account is charged. You simply do not need to use a paper anymore. Transaction statements are available online and so it is very simply that you personally save some trees from cutting. Not just that, also fraudsters can misuse your paper statements, so this is additional and wise reason to switch off paper.


Online offers another help when you care about your financial safety. Your financial institution definitely has helpful text alerts to be sent to your phone in case of any activity on your online banking account. Alerts keep you safe as they send you  confirmation for every transaction. But those are not the only type opf alerts which help a lot. There are also limit and balance alerts, which help a lot when you are in a spending spree, forinstance between holiday shopping time. Even if you are not trying to buy too many things, having a regular weekly text message or online based information helps a lot for your peaceful sleep. And not to forget an alert helps you minimizing overdraft fees.


A good banking partner, institution will take care of a security of your account 24/7, all hours, all days in a week. A good bank will even refund any money paid-out to a fraudster, as long as you have your financial information in a safe place.  They will also help you with information about necessary security steps, so you don’t need to worry.


There is simply a lot more possible when you use your bank’s online finance solutions, so don’t hesitate and check the online services possibilities of your local financial institution.

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Five Open Source Systems to Power Your Travel Agency

Five Open Source Systems to Power Your Travel Agency

It’s unbelievable how good it is to live in a 21st century. Technology is so advanced, that it helps at even most complex tasks. Not just companies build 3D objects with it, they even print using the 3D technology. Not only we can order books and TVs with the help of technology solutions, we can soon expect even delivery with drones. Every body also agrees, that building the airliner of the size of Airbus A380 (double-deck, wide-body, four-engines) won’t be possible without the extensive help of computer tehnology.

Should we then be surprised, if we can’t expect that we would go on holidays with the help of  technology. Vast travel agency’s reservation systems won’t be possible with a lot of help from latest  computer servers, networking technology, file servers, database servers and in addition also tons of software. But this is technology of a big travel company. And what technology is available for a small(er) travel operator or just small neighbours’ travel shop?

Well, a lot of technology is available also for them. Computer hardware can be bought from every vendor. And the same is valid for specialized travel software. Even the cost for this type of software solutions is not that horrible. The reason for that are open source systems, which can power almost any travel agency, based of free hardware platform of Linux, free database called MySQL and very affordable CRM for small(er) travel shops. All that combined: It is relatively very easy to start an online travel company and also with quite reasonable costs.

Probably the best part is, that it is quite easy to buy open source travel CRM solution, which was the hardest part of the equation some years ago. So let’s find out the best five open source systems to power your travel agency.


In our opinion the best five software solutions are:



The travel industry says, that it is the most valuable itinerary software product for inbound and destination management companies.The product is used by 100 companies in 30 countries,so that shows that it must be quite good product.TourWriter makes everything from

initial client contact to creating an itinerary, producing quotes, booking suppliers, pricing schedules, creating itineraries with photos and maps, to vouchers.In the end it adds reports, so that you know how to glide and control the business.


Trawex Online Booking System

This product enables scaling of online travel business to newer heights. With the help of this software you can make a travel product with more than 70 suppliers around the world.The services of this product include travel agent software, online booking system, online reservation system, hotel reservation system, hotel management system, hotel management software, hotel booking software, airline reservation system, flight booking engine, online hotel booking system, hotel booking engine.

In our opinion a very complete solution




A third product is GroupMinder, which is web-based application. With this solution your can streamline all of your marketing, reservation and tour management tasks. CRM/Marketing System, … You have available centralized real-time inventory, online credit card processing and easy reservation entry for both the consumer and the staff and extensive reporting. GroupMinder supports many different kinds of groups – leisure, incentive, sports…by air, cruise, motor coach, train…

A very broad product.



Teenyoffice is modern solution for travel agencies and independent agents. It offers travel agent invoice, sales reports, database management, and more. This product has a plug in for information on all clients. Teeny office has been working great! You get a button and auto login. It does your client database, emails promos, emails invoices, sales reports and commission reports.


Destination Travel Solution


This product is a solution for inbound tour operators and destination management companies. It enables these destination specialists to offer their hotels, resorts and holiday homes, activities and excursions, rental cars and transfers to multiple channels, including B2C with highly search engine optimized consumer websites and mobile websites.

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